The First WDSTCK Paper

A paper on WDSTCK where artists and designers are introduced which they represent.

There arose an inspiring group, described in a newspaper.

A number of spreads.

Information about the designer / artist, his / her vision and a product with the product name. All in English and Dutch.

You can find it online at: - WDSTCK

A start-up company based on art, design and functionality. As a graphic designer is to create a complete corporate identity with an existing logo, giving a new shape to WDSTCK (prenounced woodstock).

WDSTCK provided the unique opportunity to blend art with graphic design.

Online and offline, product cards, business cards, photography and a paper.

The task is to mix design / art in a graphical form. WDSTCK works with Acacia wood (sustainable) and real leather in their objects and designs.


identity - collective - art - design -inspiration




big seven


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