Four postcards that visitors of the exhibition could take with them.

Showing their work / image where in an instant is showing what that person is design is, and more information on the back.

In total their where thirteen postcards.

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speaking of salad

Created the identity for rooom,

an exhibition during the Dutch Design Week, 2015

Multiple artists with different disciplines came together in de Torenkamer of Klokgebouw at Srijp-s, Eindhoven. This group including me, exhibits their work and tell the stories behind the work they’re showing to an international audience.

A really perfect and had a great time with this group.

Because there was a view from the roof of Klokgebouw, the logo needed to show that feeling of a panoramic view. That’s why I chose for three o’s to leave space between the r and m.

This idea was also implemented in the next designs of posters, flyers (give-aways) and socials.

It is Dutch Design with coffee and a view.

logo of rooom


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go•ril•la•sa•lad(m/v; no plural)

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